Since 2017, I’ve worked full-time as a frelancer, as the only firmware engineer for Waterloo Technical Inc, a small business in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario. I’ve collaborated with remote electrical engineers and used my own skills in electrical engineering to define the schematics of a dozen products, then developed the complete firmware for these devices either from scratch or taking advantage of existing libraries.

Many of these explored technologies that I was not used to develop for, like LoRa, LTE-modems, RS-485 & Modbus, and discover new microcontrollers, like Particle Photon, Electron & Boron, and their SoM, Espressif ESP32 line with its many variations, Microchip and STMicroelectronics chips. I even had to cross-port and adapt between these microcontrollers for a few projects. I mostly developed using Visual Studio Code in C and C++, but occasionally also worked on cloud aspects, including: Web applications, MySQL, Cloud Functions, Data Stores and Buckets, and their respective management.