Bi-Weekly Post #6 - Back to Go

The way things are going, I better make these posts bi-weekly. Issue is not so much the lack of time, but rather the strong involvement I have with the projects I dive in. Lately, I’m back to my e-ink writing device.

Weekly Post #5 - The Downsides of Open Source

Two weeks without my regular weekly post! What am I doing?! Well, been busy on the MacOS Vue mini-project and I didn’t see the time fly. That should tell me I should start doing planning for myself… Anyways, today I’m going to just talk about Open Source and its potential pitfalls.

Weekly Post #4

I missed a week. That happens! Too much to do, too deeply involved in projects, or far less interesting activities (taxes, anyone?), too many things to read online (learning new things, looking for technical answers, or just going through the rabbit hole, one among so many others, of economy, housing, people, AI, businesses, and when the world’s likely going to end because of us, dumb humans…), there’s ALWAYS an excuse, good I think, for other things to stall. Well, at least it’s my own projects that stall, not professional work (I only spend time looking for things online that are work related, don’t get me wrong)

Weekly Post #3

Last week has been more of the same: jobs, taxes, ANTLR v.4, but I also spent time on some interesting programming challenge, the one billion row challenge AKA “1BRC”; I’ll get there in a bit.

8 Queens

updated on March 3: added some explanations on how the code works.

Weekly Post #2

Last week started as a “going to do some Go” week, but quickly, some posts and articles about recent language issues (in French originally) with gender-neutrality adaptation (and often consecutive dismissal or refusal) sent me through the rabbit hole of linguistics, translations and language creation.

Weekly Post #1

So, I decided I should just try to post at least once a week. It’s good for writing practice, it helps summarizing the activity from last week, and maybe it will give (someone) a feeling of progress… This will be my kind of standup meeting (for the week… not going to bore you everyday, LOL)

Bye, Yahoo!

I opened my first decent email account in 1997, on Yahoo!, right after letting go of hosted email at CompuServe, which I had to check in a browser, and installed Netscape Mail to read it directly using POP3 at the time (I used IMAP4 later, for more convenience)

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PartyRock, and why AI is not ready yet to replace coders

Using #PartyRock, the new app generator from Amazon.com, I tried to “create an app that would show the best algorithm in PHP to solve a specific problem, and the syntax of the PHP functions used”.


I just released Laravel GeoDB version 1.0.0, an opensource package to help developers handle cities, states and countries in their Laravel apps.


So, I started the Peer-Z project in 2016, under the codename Peer-X, came back to it in 2020 for a refresh and minor refactoring, renaming it Peer-Z. Eventually I restarted working on the project this year, after another long pause.

Personal News…

Just started this new site about my past, current and future coding activity.

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