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MacOS Vue (2024-)

While working on a side project for my first novel, I realized it would be nice to have a simulation of a Mac OS environment, as functional as possible, to present some documents and informations. After looking around a little bit, all I could find was either a real MacOS remote access, which was far too much for what I needed, and obviously the corresponding expense. So I decided to build my own emulation, using Vue.js, as another practice training on Vue.

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Laravel-GeoDB (2023)

So, starting working on my “P-xo” project, I realized I needed a way to show locations, starting with cities, states and countries. After a quick look around, and not wanting to aim directly at Google APIs at this time, I couldn’t find any obvious and decent package for Laravel that would help me offer the proper address selectors to users and so, I decided to try and build my own package.

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Sphyn (2017)

Sphyn was the evolution of MC Roads into the wider audience of travelers. The site was build to satisfy two goals:

  • allow travelers to share their travel through maps and pictures
  • allow travelers to find accommodations, similarly to AirBnB or CouchSurfing
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MC Roads (2016)

I got my motorcycle license in 2016, and bought my first motorcycle. I started making nice rides around BC with friends, and saw some sites that were suggesting nice rides. Unfortunately, the sites were usually build with a complex UI, not really intuitive or convenient, so I decided to build my own site, and called it MC Roads (“Motorcycle Roads”) and bought the domain name to go with it.

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HomeConnect (2015)

After my GarageDoor project I started considering building several devices that would be interconnected through a central device, and would control doors or lights.

PeerJuice Jobs (2015)

While working at Lasso, I realized that LinkedIn wasn’t so useful as it could be for job seekers. Something I didn’t like with LinkedIn was, most of recommendations were useless, just giving unrealistic expectations of candidates, thanks to their previous employer/coworkers/friends who would post excessively positive reviews of them.

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Garagedoor (2014)

My house had an old garage door system, with mostly a push button that would alternately open or close the door. Even though this was enough for common use, I wanted to be able to open the door remotely when coming back home by car or on the motorcycle, without having to first enter the house to open the door.

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Print On Demand (2004-2005)

Following my experience editing and publishing, I decided to investigate if it would be possible and lucrative to manage print-on-demand in Brazil, for Brazilian authors, the same way CafePress or Lulu manage it for North American writers. This included checking local editors and printing industry.

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Geocities Website (1997-1999)

In 1997, I had already gotten familiarized a lot with the Internet, after 3 years working at CEGEDIM with dial-up modem connections, and currently working at SITA/Equant, a giant worldwide telecom provider present in more than 220 countries at the time, so strong of my experience with HTML/CSS, I started building my own website on GeoCities.

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BBS (1994-1995)

As a recent father, but still quite vested in computers and networks as hobbies, and still without Internet available, I decided to build a BBS and connect it to other BBSes in the area, to exchange information and news.

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Sook, Minitel Server (1989-1992)

This project started after I discovered you could run a minitel server out of your Atari ST computer, just needing the Minitel1, a free terminal France Telecom was distributing at the time to phone subscribers, and a simple RS232 cable to connect it to the computer.

  1. Minitel article on Wikipedia 

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